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Winslow Pump & Well, Inc. is a local family owned and operated Southern Maryland residential home artesian well digging, drilling and submersible pump installation contractor. Established in 1986, Winslow Pump & Well, Inc. entered the Geothermal Technology industry in 1989.  After attending several manufacturers’ schools and certification programs, we have since been hosting the loop field design installation part of the course for local heating and cooling contractors. In 1992, we formed a Geothermal Division within the company and began installing geothermal commercial systems in various states along the East Coast. We promote alternative energy consumption and are installing residential home geothermal systems and take great pleasure in providing a quality product while protecting our environment for future generations.

Winslow Pump & Well, Inc. are certified installers of artesian water wells, submersible pumps, pool heaters, dehumidifiers, flushing heat pumps, purging heat pumps, geothermal heat pumps, geo exchange heat pumps, ground coupled or GHP heat pumps, HVAC heating and cooling systems or geothermal water heating systems in the following areas of Washington DC Virginia and Maryland: Anne Arundel County, Prince Georges County, Charles County, St. Mary’s County, Calvert County, Queen Anne’s County, King George County, Stafford County, Spotsylvania County, as well as La Plata, Waldorf, North Beach, Chesapeake Beach, Fredericksburg, Vienna, Manassas, Alexandria, Arlington and Fairfax.

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MD geothermal systems

Going Green Geothermal Lectures Training & Permits
We continually lecture and deliver training on geothermal awareness for local utilities (BG&E; PEPCO; SMECO; VA Power), trade organizations (IGSHPA, or International Ground Source Heat Pump Association; International Live TV Teleconference; National Ground Water Conference; ASHRAE Engineering Convention; and Maryland-Delaware Water Well Association Convention; USGBC Southern Maryland Chapter of Maryland Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council), and the general public (via open house, field days and trade fairs).

In addition, we play an active part in the Maryland permit laws, Delaware regulations for geothermal horizontal, vertical, closed, open pond loop field systems, and the National Ground Water Certification Exam.

Geothermal Energy: The World's Greenest Heating and Cooling System
An EPA study and the United States National Renewable Energy Laboratory concluded that geothermal energized heat pump is the greenest, efficient, cost effective, and environmentally friendly heating and cooling system.

Geothermal Energy System Tax Credits & Savings

Geothermal cost savings can be increased by geothermal energy incentives, available from federal, state, local, and utility sources. The energy cost of geothermal versus conventional HVAC systems will always be lower — and the geothermal system will always be greener. Maryland and Virginia have state rebate programs, and renewable energy tax credit incentives for geothermal systems. Other sources include DSIRE (or database of state incentives for renewable and efficiency).

Residential Geothermal HVAC Heating and Cooling Systems residential geothermal Maryland

Winslow Pump & Well, Inc. specializes in a vertical, closed loop, geothermal loop field which consists of a loop field containing vertical geothermal wells and a horizontal manifold system.

The vertical geothermal wells are constructed by digging or drilling a 4 to 5 inch 200 foot vertical hole inserting two 3/4" polyethylene pipes joined at the bottom with a "U" bend fitting, and the annular space backfilled with Bentonite (clay) slurry to seal the polyethylene pipe in place. The Bentonite slurry allows heat transfer while protecting ground water from surface contamination.

home geothermal systems

Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHPs) offer great benefits:

  • Heating and cooling HVAC system and hot water heating combination systems
  • Preheating tank water saving you up to 50% on your water-heating bill
  • Mechanical components are buried in the ground or located inside the home
  • Near same size of traditional heating/cooling unit
  • Geothermal Heat Pumps MarylandUp to a 50-year warranty pipe
  • Energy consumption is 20 to 50% less and reduces maintenance costs
  • Warmer air in the winter (90 -105 F) more consistent home temperature throughout without hot and cold spots common with other systems
  • Quiet, pleasant environment inside & outside home
  • No noisy fan units to disturb outdoor activities
  • No exposed equipment outdoors; children or pets cannot injure themselves or damage exterior units
  • No open flame, flammable fuel or potentially dangerous fuel storage tanks
  • High EER or Energy Efficiency Ratio or SEER
  • High Coefficient of performance or COP

home geothermal systems

Ground Source Heat Pumps offer great savings:

  • 50 to 70% higher heating efficiencies than other heating systems and cooling efficiencies 20 to 40% higher than available air conditioners
  • Save money in operating & maintenance costs & investments recouped in only a few years
  • Lowering your energy bills energy savings usually exceed the cost of the system
  • Utilities offer rebates to customers who purchase GSHPs.
  • Special financing is available for homeowners who are installing GSHPs

Ground Source Heat Pumps are environmentally friendly:

  • Conserve natural resources providing efficient climate control & lowering emissions
  • Minimize ozone layer damage using sealed seldom recharged refrigeration systems
  • No external venting & no air pollution

Other Products & Services we can provide:

  • Energy audits
  • Life cycle costs
  • Troubleshooting
  • Senior citizen discounts
  • Programmable thermostats
  • Tank less water heaters
  • Ultraviolet lights
  • UV lights
  • Duct cleaning
  • Clean air mechanical services
  • Air cleaner replacement

Some of our manufacturers are:

  • Florida Heat Pumps
  • Climate master heat pumps
  • Geo Comfort heat pumps

Commercial Geothermal

Our commercial division is licensed in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, North Carolina and Florida.

Winslow Pump & Well, Inc. can provide the following services to businesses:

  • Conductivity data reports
  • Consulting & design review
  • Field inspections & quality control services
  • Footage per ton data conversion engineering
  • Geothermal test wells with stratigraphy logs
  • Horizontal loop field header systems
  • In building polyethylene manifold system
  • In ground polyethylene vaults with manifold system
  • Loop field design engineering
  • Standard and enhanced grouting
  • Thermal conductivity testing
  • Vertical closed loop wells
  • LEEDS building certifications by the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC’s) green building rating systems 

commercial geothermal systems

The Department of Energy (DOE), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Homeland Security, have endorsed Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHPs) as a cost effective, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly way of heating and cooling buildings. Being very flexible, delivering quality air-conditioning and heating, on demand, year around they are appropriate for new construction as well as retrofits of older buildings and a good choice for schools, high-rises, government buildings, apartments, and restaurants or any commercial property. Ground Source Heat Pumps are the smart choice for commercial applications since their development and demonstration is a green alternative and use lower fossil fuel carbon footprint while lowering operating and maintenance costs, are more durable, and conserve energy.

Water Wells

MD water well drilling

Winslow Pump & Well, Inc. can give you a selection of wells to choose from to meet your demands, needs and budget.

Types: Standard and Deluxe

Pumps are rated in horsepower and gallons per minute with a wide selection to choose from.

Pumping Systems
Standard Pumping System
Upgrade Pumping Package
Deluxe Pumping System
Green Pumping Options (Constant Pressure System)

We will offer you a selection of options with pricing and advantages of each.

Water Well Services

  • Accessory installations (spin down filters, frost proof hydrant)
  • Chlorination of well & house plumbing
  • Commercial & agricultural wells 
  • Down the well TV inspection and recordings
  • Grading, clearing, tree trimming & excavation
  • Recondition existing well (cleaning and production test)
  • Sealing unused wells
  • Temporary water supply system (tanker and electric water pump)
  • Trenching & horizontal boring
  • Troubleshooting & repair of water well systems
  • Upgrading existing water systems
  • Underground well & private utility locating

Other Drilling Services

  • Mud Drilling


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